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Acton Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Aliso Street, three blocks West of Crown Valley Road, in Acton, California.

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NameBirth DateDeath Date
Carender, Leslie Allen 1/29/1927 7/19/1988
Carender, Sgt Steven Ray 5/2/1950 9/9/1979
Carroll, William A. 6/8/1866 2/16/1932
Castro, Chuck ("Smiley") 1947 2015
Chase, Byron Aubrey 6/3/1874 6/4/1934
Clingan, Ethel Louise 5/6/1886 8/31/1962
Clingan, Sara Lorena 2/23/1891 7/14/1975
Clingan, William Melrose 1/26/1885 4/25/1968
Colfer, Michael J.
Collins, Pvt Frederick William 3/21/1921 11/14/1978
Collins, James F. R. 4/24/1944 7/13/1980
Collins, Mary F. 1/28/1923 7/28/1977
Cristalinas, Kaydence Aurora 2/25/2006
Croley, Pvt George F. 9/5/1919 5/16/1971

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