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Acton Cemetery

The following is an except from an article which appeared in the South Antelope Valley Foothill News on 14 October, 1981. The article was written by Meryl Adams, a longtime Acton resident.

The Action Cemetery, ten acres of rolling hills covered with native growth of juniper, sage, buckwheat and wildflowers in the Spring, is located west of Crown Valley Road. The cemetery, a gift of love from the Duehren family, is a place of privacy where, since 1890, the living have been able to show there reverence to the memories of those who have gone before.

The John Duehren family arrived in Acton in 1885, purchased land and built the first house in Acton. They participated in the building of the town, including brick-making and work on the new school building. The Duehrens decided that the town needed a cemetery, so without any legal transaction, they announced their gift of ten acres of land to Acton for the Acton Cemetery.

John Duehren died in 1892, and Mrs. Duehren later married Gustav Krueger. Following Mr. Krueger's death in the 1920s, a local notary, R.E. Nickel, and Mrs. Krueger decided that the cemetery land should be legally transferred. On 1 October 1927, Mrs. Charles H. Krueger, a widow, executed a grant deed to the Acton Community Presbyterian Church of Acton, Los Angeles County, State of California.

In 1951, the Acton Cemetery was fenced in compliance with the will of Mrs. Bessie Gish. The fencing project was completed by Richard Creed, A.D. Chalmers and Frank Chalmers. Since that time, local residents have contributed time and money to the upkeep of the Acton Cemetery.

A history of the cemetery may also be found at the Acton Community Presbyterian Church web site.

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