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Acton Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Aliso Street, three blocks West of Crown Valley Road, in Acton, California.

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NameBirth DateDeath Date
Manyen, Richard Paul 6/8/1932 12/1/2005
Marshall, Barbara Louise 5/1/1937 3/1/2009
Marshall, Elray Helen 9/4/1921 4/1/2011
Marshall, Milton Leroy ("Red") 8/7/1920 11/24/1990
Martin, Nellie 3/14/1893 4/12/1913
McBurney, Thelma 1905 1975
McKown, Mark Edward 1/15/1964 6/29/1987
Michel, Georgia G. 5/29/1921 5/21/2011
Michel, Raymond P. 5/14/1911 8/8/2000
Milburn, Adele 'Marie' 4/8/1924 11/25/2001
Milburn, Sgt Jack Egerton 3/27/1918 3/19/1984
Milburn, Jack Foster 7/12/1944 9/4/2009
Milburn, John Michael 7/6/1973 7/6/1973
Miller, Steven 9/6/1946 12/11/1990
Morgan, Floyd U. 1/14/1911 4/29/1975
Morgan, Robert Laurence 1/22/1914 6/1/1982

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