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The Lancaster Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of Division St. and Lancaster Blvd in Lancaster, California.

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NameBirth DateDeath Date
Ucci, John Joseph 4/5/1901 8/3/1990
Uecke, Rufus George 9/2/1899 9/15/1966
Ujaak, Marie Ripley 9/19/1873 9/30/1963
Ullo, Joseph 9/18/1913 9/23/1998
Ullo, Vesta M. 1918 3/20/2007
Ulvin, Dorrance Stanley Glenn ("Bud") 1/1/1924 5/15/1994
Ulvin, Emma 'Marie' 2/17/1928 1/28/2013
Umsted, Gertrude Lenore 8/30/1908 10/1/2000
Umsted, Joel Walter 12/21/1911 9/2/1997
Underwood, Arthur Hugh 12/19/1875 5/18/1945
Untevarris, Robert 4/5/1925 6/25/1925
Uribe, Angela 1907 1985
Uribe, Frank M. 3/31/1875 8/26/1969
Uribe, Mary Louise 3/4/1917 4/12/1969
Uribe, Pomposa N. 9/22/1883 2/19/1963

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