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Frakes Cemetery

The photo is of the Frakes Cemetery taken in the 1980s by Gary Ramey of the Antelope Valley Genealogical Society.

NameBirth DateDeath Date
Bittick, Eddie Frank 1919 1919
Frakes, Almeda 6/21/1838 2/12/1934
Frakes, Frank 4/7/1860 2/23/1933
Frakes, Frank C 1917 1917
Frakes, Mary Jane 6/12/1866 2/22/1950
Frakes, Samantha May 1891 1897
Frakes, Samuel A. 1/12/1867 4/16/1922
Frakes, Samuel H. T. 1834 2/4/1911
Whalen, Carol Bridget 12/21/1938 4/24/2021
Whalen, Nicholas ("Nick") 1/10/1937 2/18/2023

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